Vera House Trains Bar Staff on How to Handle Sexual Aggression

Vera House is teaming up with several local bars in Syracuse, specifically Armory Square. Their goal is to train bar staff on how to handle sexual aggression.  The "Raise the Bar" initiative works with owners and staff of places that serve alcohol. The two-part training session helps build knowledge and skills to address relationship violence that might happen in their business.

"These are skills that we hope are used every night while they work, but they are skills you can use in life. These are things you can use on your every day to day to just help be a good person and help intervene when necessary,” said Brittany Pryor, the Vera House Healthy Environment Project Coordinator.

Vera House is piloting "Raise the Bar" in Armory Square and plans to offer the program to other businesses in Onondaga County.

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