It’s a Bike, It’s a Bar, It’s a 10-Seat Pedal Powered Barcycle

Have you see anything like this before? It’s a pedal powered pub! Officially launched at the 2016 Syracuse St. Patrick’s Day Parade and seen at the 2016 NYS Fair. It’s a multi passenger vehicle powered like a bicycle, with a tour guide and opportunities to stop for an occasional drink.

Big Yellow Fellow, named for an early 20th Century Syracuse bicycle manufacturer, offered tours that included everything from bachelor parties to pub crawls. The barcycle also operated the past few years at the New York State Fair. It also cruised events like the Syracuse Blues Fest in Clinton Square.

Although billed as pubs on wheels, the pedal cycles must abide by laws in the city and wherever else they operate. Riders were allowed two drinks per tour -- essentially two 12-ounce beers -- which had to be served while the vehicle stopped. Riders could not take open containers off the cycle.

Now the 10-seat barcycle is for sale. Owners Michael John Heagerty and Mike Giannattasio are selling the bike and the pedal-tour business. The price is negotiable, but in the range of $15,000 to $20,000.

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