Nottingham JV Football Player is an Inspiration to All of Us

Brandon Pearman played for Nottingham junior varsity football this year. You wouldn’t think that’s anything special, but Brandon has down syndrome and that didn’t stop him from being part of the Bulldogs team! What stands out the most is that Brandon didn’t assume the generic manager or symbolic role you may see people with special needs in.  Pearman actually suited up and played.

“I think all the things that they get from being an incredible football team will translate to their future" says Brendiss Pearman, Brandon's mother. These players are primarily 14-15 years old, an age known for bullying and harassment for "different" people.

Nottingham Football bucks that trend, including Brandon on its team. So Brendiss threw the squad a party Thursday at Nottingham's cafeteria as a show of support and appreciation.

Photo: Getty Images

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