A Rare Duck Spotted In NYC, You'll Never Guess Where It Came From!

A Mandarin Duck, Seldom seen anywhere other than Southeast Asia, was spotted in the turtle pond in Central Park late October and has caused a media buzz ever since. This beautiful water fowl was seen swimming among the Mallards, who didn't seem to mind this colorful neighbor joining them. Wildlife experts have said that it's unlikely this duck had flown all the way from southeast Asia and its more likely that he is an escaped pet.

Authorities have been told not to disturb the exotic animal as long as it's healthy and happy, and the bird shows no signs of leaving his new home. Maybe it enjoys the attention, with dozens of people flocking to see this rare sight especially bird watchers and central park enthusiasts! I think it's adding a wonderful pallet of colors to the setting and if it has no intention of leaving that would be just fine with me! 

Picture from Getty Images 

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