Binghampton- Hate Symbols Found Spray Painted In Streets, On High School

Swastikas have been found spray painted in the streets in several locations including on a window of Binghampton High School, and community members are horrified with not only the act but the timing. These hate symbols showed up on the day of the mid term elections, and it is unsure if it was meant to deter certain groups from going to the polls but it certainly has caused an uproar. This event occurred far too close for comfort to the horrible attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in October, a wound still fresh in the Jewish community. Swastikas were seen painted in the streets just blocks away from the nearest Synagogue. 

The community remains undeterred however, and many have voiced their concern and anger including the Broome County Executive who tells the vandal to "GET THE HELL OUT" of their beautiful city. It's scary times we live in, but thank god we have some of the best people out there working to figure out who would vandalize with hate in their hearts in such prominent locations in the city. It's important to remember even the slightest act of hate must be taken seriously these days. Be safe out there everyone, and don't let these acts of hate keep you from the polls! 

Photos from Getty Images  

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