Syracuse, Are Oreo's Black or Brown? The Latest Internet Debate

We all remember the blue or black dress debate. And then there was the Yanni or laurel debate. So it comes as no surprise at all when we learned that there's a new debate that is taking the internet by storm and pitting friends against each other.

Are Oreo's Black or Brown?

Seems like a stupid question right? Obviously anyone in their right mind would know that an Oreo is of course Black. Well just like how everyone thought the dress was definitely one color and how everyone thought that the Yanni or Laurel debate couldn't possibly be serious... it turns out people are really digging in deep on both sides. Some people really think Oreo's are Brown!

It's up to us Syracuse, let's put this debate to bed through good ole' fashioned polling. Vote here on that you think! Are Oreo's Black or Brown? 

Go to the B1047 Twitter page and vote here! 

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