This Upstate NY Town Received 17 INCHES Of Snow This Weekend!

The Nor'easter we were worried about ended up being a bit underwhelming for us in the 315- we received only 7 inches of snow this weekend as opposed to the foot we were warned about by the National Weather Service. But, there was some places in NY that were absolutely hammered with snow! Colden, a Western New York town in Erie county, received 17 INCHES of snow, topping the charts as the most snow so far this season to hit New York. That lake effect may have missed us for the most part but Colden was directly in the crosshairs of this snowy weather!

Let Colden be a warning to all of us more east of the lakes- this is gonna be a snowy winter! Syracuse is expected to receive some more lake effect snow this Tuesday through Wednesday, so prepare accordingly!

Picture from Getty

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