Lookout For Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

Police want you on the lookout for porch pirates this holiday season.

More than half of Americans say they know someone who's had a package stolen from outside their home, and three in ten say they've experienced it themselves. That's according to a 2017 survey by Comcast.

Sgt. Rick Helterline with the Syracuse Police Department said they do get calls for reports of stolen packages in the Syracuse area.

"It happens in the city it happens in the suburbs, it happens everywhere," said Helterline. "The package sitting on the front step for criminal is an easy target."

Helterline says there are many things you can do to keep this from happening to you. Including investing in surveillance.

"A camera -- even if it's not hooked up to anything," said Helterline. "It helps when they see that. They're going to think twice."

In addition to home surveillance, there are other steps you can take.

  • Make sure someone is home to receive your package. If you can't be there - tell a neighbor you are expecting a delivery and to keep an eye out.
  • Be specific with the shipper. Some shippers like UPS will let you give specific instructions on where to drop your package. Like on your back porch or other areas not so visible from the street.
  • Do the ship to store option. Allow yourself the time to pick up the package on your own.

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