Does Syracuse Have a Chance At Beating No. 3 Notre Dame?


Syracuse is playing a highly ranked team this weekend at Yankee Stadium in New York City, and people are wondering if their winning streak is enough to pull them through a game against one of the highest ranked teams. Notre Dame is ranked No. 3 as compared to Syracuse's No. 12, and Syracuse's Dino Babers sees that they are solid and it's gonna be an uphill battle for the Cuse. Notre Dames defensive line has been their stronghold this season, Babers has acknowledged this but says that Syracuse is tough and ready. 

Notre Dame, who has been on a ten game win streak, still needs to take pause when going up against the well performing Syracuse team. Syracuse could upset their win streak and continue their rise to the top, and the way Dino has turned the Syracuse football team around is another reason for Notre Dame to not underestimate the orangemen. Everyone should take note of this game- it could make or break it for Syracuse's best season since '98!


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