Rise N Shine Opening In The Westcott Neighborhood

Rise N Shine Diner plans to open a second location on Westcott Street next year - and this spot will have a brunch-themed menu and a liquor license.

"It's going to be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner," said owner Danielle Mercuri. "But the food will be more of that brunchy feel. Brunch all-day, all-night."

The second location will be called Rise N Shine on Westcott - and it won't technically be open all night, Mercuri added.

But it will serve some of the over-the-top breakfast sandwiches, pancake tacos, cereal milk shakes and other treats that have made the diner on Thompson Road so popular in recent months. Adult specialty drinks will include alcohol - such as adult lattes and hot chocolate, she said. Other items will include eggs benedict and burgers, including ones sandwiched between pancakes.

The location will be in the former Papa John's Pizza at 500 Westcott St.

Before opening, Mercuri plans to expand the space into a nearby parking lot, adding about 10 feet. Plans also include adding a glass-front to the entrance area, according to a proposal submitted to the city. The proposal is on the Syracuse Common Council's agenda for Nov. 19.

She said today nothing is changing about that location, which has grown in popularity in recent years. "We turn away hundreds a day," she said. "The wait sometimes is up to two hours."

That's why she's expanding, she said today. The Westcott location will seat 75 to 85 people.

Mercuri is the sole owner of the Thompson Road location. At Westcott she has a partner, Alan Diamond.

She said she hopes to have the second location open by spring or early summer.

"It's going to be how we already are," she said of the new place, "but we're expanding that vision to the next level."

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