Tim Green Football Hero Diagnosed With ALS

Tim Green discussed his Diagnosis of ALS with 60 Minutes in an episode which ran Sunday night, where he admitted the doctors advised him to "get his affairs in order." Green made it public that he was suffering from this neurodegenerative medical issue, which he says he began feeling the effects of for about two years.

The episode included scenes of Green enjoying time with his family at his Skaneatless lake house and discussing his eight year NFL career, which he described as "a dream." Green said he lost count of the number of concussions he received during his lifetime, and explained that he is grateful for the new safety regulations meant to lessen the risk of concussions in the NFL. So far no concrete connection between head and skull injuries and ALS has been found, but Green is joining another 15 professional football players who have been diagnosed with ALS. Medical researchers theorize a link between the two may be found in years to come. 

Green continues to write, using his smartphone and now using eye tracking technology to write his 39th book, which Green said has opened up a universe for him. The local football hero has been receiving massive amounts of support locally and nationally since Green opened up about his condition. 

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