Cleaning The House Made Us Millionaires

While cleaning the house, you find some old lottery tickets sitting on the counter. Make sure you check those numbers!

Can you imagine finding a lottery ticket worth $1.8 million, and you didn't even know you had it. That would make me the happiest person in the world, like it would for most of us. 

That's what happened last week for Tina and Harold Ehrenberg in Mandeville, Louisiana. The couple says they were cleaning the house preparing for their family and guests when they came across the ticket sitting on a nightstand. 

It was a GREAT Thanksgiving for Tina and Harold. They will receive $1,274,313 after taxes. 

"The most fun is going to be depositing that check," Harold Ehrenberg told NBC affiliate WDSU.

"We don’t have any plans to buy anything crazy or go on any big trips,” Tina Ehrenberg said.

Congratulations Tina and Harold! May your good fortune spread! Click here to see the entire article

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