Farmers Work Together to Help a Neighbor With Cancer

I know they say “Everything is Bigger in Texas”. This obviously includes caring, compassion and friendship.

When a group of Floyd County farmers found out their neighbor, Greg Bishop was battling leukemia and couldn’t complete his cotton harvest, they jumped in and finished the harvest for him. Harvesting over $400,000 worth of cotton for their fellow farmer/friend in need. 

Bishop’s friend Robert Nixon told KCDN 11 News the response to the call to action was overwhelming. “We probably had anywhere from 300 to 400 acres and we started around 10 a.m. (Monday) and a little before 3 p.m. we were done,” Nixon said. “I mean, we had that many people.”

Bishop’s longtime friend Dave Carthel said the group was glad the farmer had one less thing to worry about.

“We were all glad to do it for him,” Carthel told KCDN 11 News. “He’s got a rough road ahead and he’s got a lot more worries down the road than just getting his crop in so we were all just real glad to do it, and I was glad to be a part of it.”

It's great to see caring and compassion still run strong in this great country! 

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Photo: Getty Images

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