Dunkin Donuts DD Perks Hacked

"America runs on Dunkin."

If you're an avid Dunkin lover and use their DD Perks program, you may want to change your password.

Dunkin Donuts has recently learned that on Halloween hackers had gained access to some Perks members' usernames and passwords. 

They have not said how many accounts were affected, but say that the hackers were able to access account information such as, customers' names, email addresses, DD Perks account numbers, as well as, QR codes. 

Fortunately, a security vendor was able to stop most of the attempts, however, any accounts that may have been hacked were alerted and forced a password reset. 

Dunkin suggested to use "unique passwords", and if you have used that same password as your DD Perks account for other online accounts, it's encouraged to change those passwords too.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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