Bernie Sanders Eyes 2nd Presidential Bid for 2020- Thoughts?

Vermont Senator and presidential candidate from 2016 Bernie Sanders is considering to make another bid in 2020 to unseat current president Donald Trump. A self described democratic socialist, Bernie faced huge obstacles during his first bid but managed to grow an energetic grassroots base that astounded his opponents. 

His brain trust has noted that Sanders running for president is possible, as he has been charging his base and growing support from people who are looking for a progressive candidate to run against the far right President Trump. Many people are condemning his decision to run again, saying that his platform is too far left to sit well with Americans and that it might ruin the chances for democrats to unseat the current Republican leader. Others can find other points against his decision to run again, mainly his age, noting that many would prefer newer, younger leadership. Republicans on the other hand are celebrating this decision, saying that a repeat of the 2016 election is inevitable if Trump were to run against an old opponent that he had already defeated. 

What do you think of Bernie Sanders decision to run again?

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