Thriller Celebrated 35-Years on Sunday

December 02, 2018 was the 35th anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller! Can you believe it has already been 35-years? It feels like yesterday I was laughing with my Aunt, dancing like a crazy person in front of the TV. 

As a young kid of about 7-years old, I remember my Aunt being all excited about the new Michael Jackson video being advertised on MTV. MTV was new within the last year or so, in those days it was strictly music videos. Reality TV wasn't a thing yet. MTV was our in for all the new, cool music and videos that were being released. According to Time Magazine Thriller is one of MTV's top 10 moments. 

Michael Jackson was dominating the music scene back then. So much so that I even had the red leather jacket and the white glove. He was idolized by myself as a child, teens like my Aunt and adults like my Mom. 

It was almost Christmas, my Aunt and I eagerly awaited the video that premiered on MTV and we LOVED IT! It was way ahead of it's time. It felt like we were watching a musical horror short film. We danced to the video and tried to copy Michael's moves (obviously failing at it terribly). I am grateful smart phones and easy video capability didn't exist back then to catch my dance moves on camera. It is a memory I will cherish for my entire life. 

I was reading a great article on Billboard that goes in depth talking to the creators of the Thriller video. Check out the entire interview here. It is interesting how this video changed how music videos were made and inspired other top tier artists to make the investment in high quality music videos. 

Do you have any Thriller memories you want to share?

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