Governor Cuomo Spent $35 Million on Re-election

Governor Andrew Cuomo released updated financial records which indicate he spent more than $35 million on his 2018 re-election in November. That number is the cost just for this year, spending a combined $43 million over the course of the last four years. This dwarfs the price tag of Marc Molinaro's Campaign, the Duchess County Executive who ran against Cuomo on the Republican ticket, spending only around 2.4 million in the last year. Cuomo even has more than Molinaro spent altogether left over, nearly 5 million still in his election account. 

Cuomo ran a very successful campaign, beating out Democratic challenger and actor Cynthia Nixon by posing himself as a powerful opposition figure to President Donald Trump. Cuomo beat Molinaro with 59% of the vote. 


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