Roger Stone's Shady Political Past- More Than You Think!

Roger Stone has been good friends with President Trump for over 40 years, and played a big role in convincing him to run for president. Stone found his start in politics as a campaign staffer for Nixon, where he played a big role in strategy and intelligence gathering for Nixon's reelection campaign. A recent Netflix Documentary alleges Nixon took more interest in Stone after the Watergate scandal broke, although Stone maintains he did nothing illegal in his work on the Nixon campaign.

Stone played a role in several campaigns, including Richard Nixon, Bob Dole, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, and most recently President Trump.  He was even fired from the Dole Campaign when he was publicly accused of being Nixon's very own "dirty trickster." This isn't a far fetched accusation- Stone still shows great respect for the disgraced president, going as far as tattooing the Watergate president's face on his back. 

Stone went on to form a lobbying group with another familiar Trump admin face Paul Manafort to form a political lobbying and consulting firm to take advantage of the many connections made during their work for the Reagan Admin. Black, Manafort & Stone became one of the first Washington mega-lobbying groups, the group was well known for representing brutal third world dictators and other controversial foreign entities. BMS was dubbed "The Torturers Lobby." Their group went on to represent many other corporate entities including Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, The Tobacco Institute, and most famously Donald J. Trump.

Trump recently praised Stone for not flipping on him and refusing to testify on the Mueller investigation, something many people are calling "witness tampering." This is being discredited, as there's no proof Trump coerced Stone to take this position, however it does draw similar parallels to Stones past dealings with other more or less shifty political figures. This new allegation may lead to more holes in Donald Trumps defense moving forward in the Mueller probe. 

What do you think about the man, the myth, the legend Roger Stone?

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