Ellen DeGeneres Stand-Up Netflix Special Is The First In 15 Years!

Ellen Degeneres announced that she be returning to stand-up for the first time in 15 years with a Netflix special.  She told all her followers on Instagram and Twitter saying "December 18th. I'm back." Along with the announcement she posted a trailer to her up coming special "Relatable."

Set to release later this month, in her special "Relatable"she talks about her journey to fame an stardom and of course how she may or may not be "relatable" anymore. In the trailer Ellen talks about "being kind to one another" and proceeds saying, 

I shouldn't even have a horn in my car. Like, if someone cuts me off in a dangerous way, if I honk they're like... 'Ellen?'

According to the Rolling Stones, the beloved talk-show host started her stand-up comedy career in the 80s performing shows in New Orleans, her hometown. After her career kickstarted she began touring on the road and in 1996 she released an album "Taste This". Her very last stand-up special, "Ellen Degeneres: Here and Noe"  was aired on HBO in 2003. 

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