The Lyftie Awards, Top Destinations in CNY

Lyft has announced the winners of its 4th annual Lyftie Awards, a program that recognizes the most popular destinations in cities across the country, and Syracuse made the list!

A little background about Lyft, if you aren’t sure what it is. It’s a service that cuts down on drunk driving and offers people a safe affordable way to get from point A to point B. When I moved to CNY a few years ago, I was shocked it wasn’t here yet. I am extremely grateful that it’s here now offering rides to all of us when we are in need.

This year, the ride sharing company has expanded the awards to include bars, concerts, gyms, neighborhoods, and more in 45 different markets.

Where are the hot spots in Upstate NY you ask?

Most Visited Bar

Place: City Beer Hall

Address: 42 Howard St., Albany, NY

Most Visited Concert Venue

Place: St. Joseph's Health Amphitheater at Lakeview

Address: 490 Restoration Way, Syracuse, NY

Most Visited Fitness Studio

Place: LA Fitness

Address: 1893 Elmwood Ave #200, Buffalo, NY

Most Visited Brunch Spot

Place: Stella's Diner

Address: 110 Wolf St., Syracuse, NY

Most Visited Late-Night Restaurant

Place: Falley Allen

Address: 204 Allen St, Buffalo, NY

Most Visited Late-Night Neighborhood

Place: Allentown, NY

Address: Allentown is a neighborhood in Buffalo, NY

Only in Upstate

Place: Buffalo Riverworks

Address: 59 Ganson St., Buffalo, NY

Syracuse made the list of top destinations in CNY! That makes me proud and I look forward to next years awards to see who else in our neck of the woods will make the list. 

Photo: Getty Images

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