Spotted Lantern Fly Infestation Reported In NY Christmas trees

Sen. Schumer is sending out a warning to Christmas tree shoppers this year after a reported infestation of Spotted Lantern bugs. The bugs were brought in from trees shipped from other states. These insects are yet another invasive species indigenous to Asia, first reported in Pennsylvania and spreading throughout the northeast.

These little critters can have a massive impact on our regions agriculture and environment, as many invasive species do. These bugs munch on 70 different kinds of trees, including the most common species of pine which are most commonly found being sold on street corners to families who celebrate Christmas. Schumer has asked for additional funding to help eliminate these pests, citing the damage such an invasive species could have on New York.

Have you seen these pests in your home? Keep an eye out, because nobody wants to be responsible for the spread of an invasive species! 

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