Syracuse Resident Reports Seeing Sun For First Time, Dismissed as Hoax

On Monday a local man who wished to remain anonymous reported seeing winter sunshine in Syracuse New York. The man called in to our morning show to make this outrageous claim around 9:30 AM. Our traffic center reported route 690 came to a stand still as commuters hoped to catch a glimpse of this unnatural event following this live remark.

The news spread quickly as social media users weighed in, many calling this report a "hoax," and starting the trending hashtag #SunnyCuseHoax, and #ItsNeverSunnyInSyracuse. Syracuse is well known for its 8 month long cloud cover, infamous for erasing any signs of a summer tan and decimating house plants, but according to one man this may be changing.

"It was so warm. At first I thought it was an alien space ship, but sure enough the sun poked out from behind the clouds for a moment," the man reported to our station early Sunday morning, adding "I truly feel blessed."

Scientists and meteorologists have investigated this claim, calling such a phenomenon simply a mirage or perhaps the star on top of AXA tower reflecting off the Onondaga lake pollution. Crowds have formed outside of City Hall demanding answers to this outrageous claim, calling for the man to be punished if this claim proved to be false. 

"The sun disappears all winter in Syracuse. Seeing it would really stir people up." One resident of Camillus says. "The idea of the sun showing up sounds great, but it's impossible." 

B104.7 will report on this as information comes in. 

Photo: Harrison Rein

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