A Twist on Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Any New Yorker or Upstate New Yorker knows that one of our most prized dip is the, Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip. 

As you can tell, the dip is based off of the favorited game day appetizer,  Buffalo Chicken Wings! 

Name a better pair than celery and chicken wings... go ahead I'll wait. Now that we've established that Chicken wings and celery are a great pair, it's safe to say that chicken wing celery boats would be just as yummy!

This recipe takes about 30 minutes to prep and make, and uses almost all the same ingredients used to make buffalo chicken wing dip, with the addition of mayo, celery for a nice cruch, and optional chives and blue cheese crumble for toppings and garnish. 

Take a look at the full recipe from Delish.

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