"Second Chance Diner" Still Rocking in Camillus, Bringing Joy and Hope


Second Chance Diner is receiving so much admiration from the community that it's tiny square footage can barely handle the support. The man behind the operation is named Eddie DePalma, a husband, former barber, and a man of many talents who is currently in recovery and working hard towards a strong future. Eddie took a chance and poured his life savings into the tiny space that opened up formerly known as Mo's BBQ pit, renovating it into a fresh, quaint, and relaxing breakfast spot. Him, his wife, and many friends and family members have been there to aid the transition, and alongside them he has created a new life for himself and inspiring many along the way.

Second chances are most valuable, and Eddie doesn't seem to be squandering his. Eddie says he has been receiving many calls a day, relating their experiences and connecting to him on a personal level about the struggles addicts face every day. Opening up the business, according to Eddie, was actually the easy part. Check out his blooming local business on the corner of Bennet and Milton Ave, Camillus NY. (PS the breakfast deals are incredible)


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