Weather Outside is Frightful! Rain, Ice, and Wind For Syracuse's Winter

I remember reading article after article and hearing report after report that this winter is gonna be tough, but this isn't what I had in mind! Rain, ice, wind, cold flurries that barely stick, one days 50 degrees the next I'm freezing my boots off. This isn't your typical Syracuse winter; aside from precipitation in inches it's been far from what we usually see, and I think I'd prefer the nor'easterns at this point!

Today I nearly tobogganed down my driveway getting to my car because it had turned into one giant ice block, and the holding wind kept me up all night- you just can't win this year! I'll take snow please, I want snow angels and snowmen not black ice and rainy days. But theres always reason to be thankful, this Friday and Saturday were so beautiful I was able to get outside and enjoy myself so the silver lining is there! 

Drive slow out there today and have a wonderful Tuesday!

Photo Credit: Harrison Rein

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