ULTRA RARE Penny Found In Boys Lunch Money in 1947 Worth Millions

A teenager in Massachusetts found a penny in his school lunch money in 1947 that the US government for years insisted did not exist. At the time he was only 16, and he kept the coin for his personal collection. This past September he passed away and that penny is now going up for auction, and it could sell for millions- $1.65 million to be exact. Only 20 of these mistakenly minted 1943 Lincoln pennies were ever made, and they are a hugely sought after collectors item. 

Rumors of a mystical and elusive 1943 copper penny were featured in magazines, newspapers, and comic books at the time of their minting. Word spread from collector to collector, but a vast majority of those collectors would never come to hold one personally. In fact, theres said to only be 10-15 left in existence today. 

Will this make you check the dates on your pennies from now on? You never know!

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