Goodbye Tide Pod Challenge- Youtube Bans Dangerous Pranks and Challenges

Some people take things too far- the "Fire Challenge" for instance, where you douse yourself in flammable material and light yourself on fire. For obvious reasons that type of activity is dangerous, and Youtube is finally recognizing that its platform is used as a way to spread these challenges to younger more impressionable audiences. Youtube, which is owned by Google, changed its policy adding viral challenges and pranks "that can cause death and/or have caused death in some instances" are no longer allowed on the site. 

This is seen as progress by many who had to see viral trends such as the "tide pod challenge" and were left wondering where our younger generation is going with all the self deprecating and damaging humor. 

This policy change includes pranks that make people feel as though they are in danger of serious injury or death, such as home invasion pranks and fake drive by shootings. The idea is to stop the spread and encouragement of dangerous activity, and I think they are on the right track with that. 



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