Syracuse Local Posts Fake Tropical Video of Onondaga Lake and Goes Viral

It's like something out of a dream... The beautiful blue skies, the clear blue water, the green rocky mountains in the backdrop... doesn't quite look like the Onondaga lake I remember. The clean up crew did a great job! Or maybe this is a picture of Bora Bora. Authentic or not this video was shared millions of times, and many people never noticed that this tropical scene likely didn't come from Central New York. 

Peoples reaction all over the world varied; they either consisted of heart eyed emoji's or incredulous and confused Syracuse locals seeing an angle of their favorite polluted lake they have never quite seen or expected. People even felt the need to post actual pictures of Onondaga lake, which weren't nearly as beautiful and vivid but of course way more familiar. 

These types of posts are seen more and more often. This kind of modern absurdist humor that relies on the gullible nature of millennials to spread far and wide on the internet is an important part of our internet culture now. So next time you see a picture or video you just can't believe, do a quick google search to confirm! You might be on to something.



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