Jeff Bridges Appears As "The Dude" in Lebowski Teaser, Internet Runs Wild


Put down the white russian, man! Our favorite unemployed bowler is back in a super short teaser featuring Jeff Bridges once again in character as "the Dude," and the internet is losing its mind. This is something that's been highly anticipated, since that first tumbleweed rolled across the screen people have wanted to see more of the Dude and this might be an indication of a sequel to the beloved and chaotic story, "the Big Lebowski."

Some have their doubts about this cryptic message, however. Many say the date indicates it's a teaser for a Superbowl commercial. If it is, I'll abide, but I won't be happy. The teaser features a dirty street scene with the Dude slowly sauntering into the frame, casually glancing at the camera from behind his shades and letting out a little chuckle as a tumbleweed rolls across the screen to reveal a date, 2.3.19. What do you think this could be?? It's just your opinion, man. 



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