Luke Bryan Reveals His Family's Unique Christmas Eve Ritual

Luke Bryan Reveals His Family's Unique Christmas Eve Ritual

Luke Bryan Reveals His Family's Unique Christmas Eve Ritual

Luke Bryan doesn't like to risk it when it comes to having a snowy Christmas. To ensure a "White Christmas," the country star will take his family where the snow is fresh and plentiful. and his family will travel to go snow skiing.

"This year, we're excited. We are ensuring ourselves a white Christmas,'" Bryan shares with his record label. "We're going snow skiing on Christmas."

"So, snowmen, chestnuts roasting by an open fire, the whole Jack Front thing snow skiing, chapped skin, busted lips," he jokes.

While the family travels for the holiday, their traditions will still remain. Bryan continues on in his interview to reveal his family's unique chili dog Christmas Eve tradition.

“We have a pajama night and we do chili dogs on Christmas Eve, and we’ve always done that," he says. Bryan is a big fan of the tradition, however, his mom, LeClaire might be the key to actually making it happen each year.

"My mother comes up and we go shop. She makes me go shop with her, so we have to pick out all the right stuff," he shares. "We have to get the proper buns, the proper wieners. It’s very important. All beef wieners for the chili dog cooking."

"It’s a ritual. So, we’re eating chili dogs in pajamas, and so it’s special anytime you can come up with fun traditions and hold true to them," Bryan adds. "Yeah, so cooking chili dogs in a onesie is pretty special.”

In addition to chili dogs and pajamas, the family is also committed to another fun tradition created by Bryan's, Caroline. Each year she sets up the "12 Days of Prankmas" with her family. Each day Caroline shares video and photos to social media of her hilariously pranking friends and family.

One of the days this year featured Bryan being tackled to the ground by "Trailer Trash Tammy" in a prank to his mom LeClaire. Other videos and photos from the series of pranks can be seen on Caroline's Instagram page here.

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