Get Some Corona Virus Tips From...Pluto The Dog? Yes Pluto The Dog!

If you are looking for some tips or advice on how to live while the corona virus keeps you stuck inside your home, instead of turning into press conferences from politicians try listening to....Pluto the Dog! Yes, Pluto is a 13 year old Schnauzer who has become a virtual hero during the pandemic!

Pluto and her human owner, Nancie Wight, had been making videos on everyday living when Nancie’s friends encouraged her to go public on how to survive the corona virus crises. Nancie did just that with a Facebook page called PlutoLiving. Pluto has become a hit in a very short period of time.

Pluto is especially popular with health care professionals, many of whom start their day with Pluto before embarking on their heroic efforts to help Covid19 patients get well from the virus. Nancie is overwhelmed with their messages and feels blessed that she can provide them with a brief moment of comic relief during their incredibly stressful and dangerous day. Check out the Pluto snippet below for a taste of what Pluto has to offer!