Grocery Store workers at deWitt Wegmans got a surprise from Brad Paisley!

We're all doing so much to bring joy to others during this Coronavirus crisis, and the employees of the deWitt Wegmans sure made headlines when Brad Paisley recognized something special they did!

Service Area Manager Jessica Smith alerted Brad to "Superhero Day" at the deWitt Wegmans, when he called out on Twitter, asking for people to submit cool things that essential workers are doing during this time.

The staff at the Wegmans all dressed up as their favorite superheroes on April 21st, and she sent Brad a photo of them all together this past Sunday.

Brad decided to Zoom call a good amount of the employees at the store to thank them for their service to our community, and making everyone's day a little brighter.

Grocery store workers are superheroes these days. & the Wegmans, Dewitt NY dressed the part. Thanks for texting me about this Jessica! I’m so inspired by you guys. #Noiinbeer

How incredible is this? You can watch parts of their conversation, and Brad's shout-out, below.