Labradoodle Literally Jumps For Joy When He Sees Himself On TV!

People usually get a charge out of seeing themselves on tv. After all, it can be pretty neat to get your own 15 minutes of fame, right? Well a dog from Louisiana got quite a kick out of seeing himself on tv recently. Bronn, a Labradoodle, enjoys playing with his owner’s infant son. Angela Labat, Bronn’s owner, uploaded a video to Facebook of the pooch and the baby playing on the floor. The local news station saw the clip and aired it on its nightly newscast. The result was quite adorable!

When the clip played on the tv that night, Bronn stopped and stared at the clip. However, when he saw seven month old Liam, Bronn lost it! Bronn started jumping up and down and howling in delight when he recognized his little play friend!

The video clip has made Bronn a media star! The clip has been shown in markets such as New York and Maine, and it even made Good Morning America! Check out the snippet below to get a glimpse of Bronn having the time of his life!