Small New York Town Named Among The 'Most Charming' Destinations In The US

Autumn in Saranac Lake, New York

Photo: E+

Small towns scattered across the country are often overlooked as tourist destinations due to an assumed lack of entertainment and activity. For some American towns, this could not be further from the truth. Tucked away along ocean coves, mountain byways, and in-between rolling fields of wheat, these small towns make time feel slower and more intentional as we are persuaded to step away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas to reflect on the little things that matter most. Whether it be nature, quaint shops, parks, or unique culture, something about this New York town makes it more charming than the rest.

According to a list compiled by Country Living, the best, most charming small town to visit in New York is Saranac Lake. Country Living praised this town for its mountain views and peaceful lake.

Here's what Country Living had to say about the most charming small town in New York:

"Located among the majestic mountains and peaceful lakes of the Adirondacks, Saranac Lake's beauty shines at every turn. A seasonal getaway for many, it offers year-round outdoor fun from skiing to kayaking. Be sure to stop by The Garagery for top-notch performances and open-mic comedy."

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