'Zombie Snakes' Are Going Viral And They're Actually Cute

We all know that opossum's play dead, and apparently this particular type of snake in North Carolina does the same thing. The eastern hognose, or Heterodon platirhinosare, is mostly harmless to humans however they are very dramatic. They are known for rolling on their backs and opening their mouths to play dead in order to scare off predators.

The snakes will also hiss and flare it's neck like a cobra; if this doesn't scare off a predator it will whine and repeatedly roll on it's back seemly in agony until it goes limp to give the illusion that they died. After a few minutes it will check to see if the predator is gone!

These snakes are mostly harmless they do not strike or attack unless provoked; they mostly make loud dramatic noises to make their predator aware of their presence so they can play dead.

Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones

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