Remember These Cool Apple Products? They Don't Exist Anymore!

You probably didn't notice the obituary, because there wasn't one! With little fanfare last July, 2017, Apple laid to rest an American icon: The iPod. While the classic iPod, with its famous click wheel, was officially retired in 2014, it took an additional three years for the Shuffle and the Nano to be retired. Apple CEO Tim Cook said it was time since “all of us have known for some time that iPods are a declining business."

The iPod was a revolution. No longer did music lovers have to cart along a Walkman and a handful of CDs. The iPod gave the individual the freedom of customized playlists and the "shuffle all" function. When you synced your iTunes library to the iPod, you could listen to any song at almost any time! 

While the phone-less iTouch is still available, it would be sad if we didn't remind people of the legacy left behind by the iPod.  The device left a huge impact on music lovers around the world and made an impact on multiple industries outside of the music business. 

For a short look at the iPod's history, check this out!

Rich Lauber

Rich Lauber

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