Driver's Cargo Hits Other Vehicles On The Highway!

A Georgia truck driver, carrying a load of oversized objects in his pickup truck, was unaware that a piece of plastic tubing was hanging over the side of his vehicle. As he drove down the highway, the tube hit multiple vehicles that were in the next lane!

Now, the incident was captured on a cell phone by the guy driving behind him. While the actual event is itself quite humorous, it is made all the more better by the driver taping the event laughing so hard that he could have “busted his gut!” Together, the actual incident becomes much more funnier to watch!

The tube hits a school bus and multiple cars and vehicles without the truck driver knowing what is happening! Many drivers honked their horns (included the driver behind him), but he keeps going! Eventually he does pull over but hits a road sign in the process. No word on whether any damage was caused. Too funny!

Rich Lauber

Rich Lauber

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