Trash Can Hits Car Windshield. Remember To Think Safety Before Driving

Driving on an interstate, or on any road for that matter, is a privilege that all drivers should take seriously. That includes any objects that you may be towing or carrying on the back of your bed in a pickup. Kathy Lanham, from Texas, know firsthand what happens when someone doesn’t think or act responsibly.

Lanham was driving on Interstate 635 in Dallas. She was merging onto to highway when a trash can flew off the back of a pickup truck, flew into the air, and landed on her windshield! The driver of the pickup, leaving a landscaping job, misjudged how heavy the trash can was. Thinking it was heavy enough, he did not secure it to his trailer. 

Fortunately for Lanham, her car was not damaged, but more importantly, she was not injured! The trash can was full of mulch and just got her car dirty. She was extremely lucky. The point is, no matter what your are carrying or towing, please make sure you check to see that the item is tied down securely. Someone’s life may depend upon it!

Rich Lauber

Rich Lauber

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