Give Your Brain A Workout - Listen To Music Everyday!

We all love to listen to our favorite type of music. Whether it is country, pop, rock n’ roll, or hip hop, listening to music is an everyday occurrence for many people. Well according to Amy Osmond Cook, a healthcare consultant and founder of the Association of Skilled Nursing Providers, music can also improve your health!

Cook states that music benefits your health in five ways: 1. Music can fight depression. This is especially true of happy music. 2. New music challenges the brain because the brain has to make sense of the notes and the sounds. 3. Music can help people with dementia by bringing back happy memories and easing anxiety. 4. Music gives people an opportunity to create new social connections by getting involved in new activities. Finally, 5. Music can improve overall brain function when it comes to memory and brain processing speed. 

So there you have it! Listening to music is good for you! So keep spinning those tunes. Turn on your radio and sing along. It will give your brain a good workout and you won’t pull any muscles!

Rich Lauber

Rich Lauber

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