Squirrels In Pittsburgh Found A Very Unique Place To Stash Their Walnuts!

When Holly Persic of Pittsburgh started her car recently, she detected an odor that just didn't seem right. Upon opening the hood of her car, she found grass and walnuts! Many, many walnuts! Over 200 walnuts! Squirrels were snatching up the walnuts from a tree in their yard and stashing them under her hood! Many of the walnuts were black and smelled like they were roasting!

Holly and her husband removed as many of the walnuts and grass they could find before taking the car to a local mechanic. The mechanic proceeded to remove a protective plate under the vehicle which allowed many more walnuts to fall out from inside the car engine!

The Persics had noticed that there weren't many walnuts on their lawn despite the fact they were starting to fall from the tree a few weeks ago. The local squirrel population was scooping them up and storing them under the couples car hood for safe keeping! I guess they will check under their hood more often now won't they!

Rich Lauber

Rich Lauber

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