My Disney vacation was beyond incredible

Our Disney vacation was amazin! I admittedly never understood all these crazy GROWN ADULTS that go all the time. I understand now. It was an incredible experience that you can't judge without experience. Disney does it different and the magic is real. Each day we went to a different park and cheated one day at Universal for all the cool Harry Potter stuff, that was GREAT TOO but it wasn't Disney. The people make the magic. They buy in and don't just show up for a job, its their lives.

I'll never forget the experience. We went all out and most likely will never do it this big again! Every lightning pass and every vip we could get. My son turned 11 on the 22nd and we kept this a secret all year for the planning. He found out that morning we are going and even had some family meet up with us at Epcot.

If you have a chance to do this, DO IT. Don't focus on the cost. I'm not a millionaire and this is all possible with planning and saving in advance. Here are some photos. There are a ton more with the magic experiences and photos but i'm saving those for now.

If you want advice on how to do this with you family please reach out.

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