Randoms-Most Stressed Cities in America, Most Common Work Spaces

Working from home becoming more common …The number of people working from home has skyrocketed in the last two decades. According to a survey by TrueCar, 62% more people are working remotely now compared to 2000. No surprise … The survey found that working from home benefits both the employee and the employer. Workers don’t have to deal with long commutes, and businesses have reduced operational costs and access to talented employees from all over the country. (The Ladders

Does being part of a bridal party put a dent in your bank account?A survey by CompareCards found that 33% of bridal party members had to go into debt for their friend’s wedding. And for maids of honor and best men the number was even higher – 43% and 38% respectively. Clothing was the most expensive purchase for 32% of bridal party members, followed by the bachelor or bachelorette party (29%), and traveling to and from the wedding (25%). The survey found that a third people who have been in a wedding in the last two years say they regret the money they spent on it. Maids of honors were most likely to regret the wedding-related expenses (44%).

Can you guess what the most stressed city in the country is? Nope, it’s not New York. According to a new survey, Los Angeles is the most stressed city in the U.S. 76% of Los Angeles residents said they are at least somewhat stressed every day. And L.A. residents are also most likely to claim their city is the hardest to live in out of every city in the country (61%). New York was second, with 72% of respondents saying they were at least somewhat stressed on a daily basis.

Here are the Top 5 Most Stressed Cities:

  1. Los Angeles – 76%
  2. New York – 72%
  3. Chicago – 65%
  4. Miami – 64%
  5. Dallas – 48% (SWNS)

Speaking of stress …A new study has found that dog owners can actually transfer their stress onto their dogs. There is a close bond between dogs and their owners, and the research found that when dog owners go through long bouts of stress or depression, the dogs basically feel your pain. (USA Today)

Lunch shaming …Do you feel guilty or worry about what your boss or co-workers think if you actually take a lunch break? Yep, lunch shaming is apparently a thing, and according to a new survey, Millennials are nearly three times more likely than Baby Boomers to think their co-workers would judge them negatively if they took regular lunch breaks. The survey also found that Millennial bosses were twice as likely as Gen X bosses to look down on employees who took lunch breaks. (Yahoo)

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