Here Are Some Cool Facts You Should Know!

I love doing these compilations of cool facts for you to check out! To start...

SMELL LIKE PIZZA AFTER A BATH?! A Japanese novelty store is selling bath salts in such scents as cheese pizza, potstickers, beer, grilled meat and cilantro. Now this is interesting. I think I like the smells that these delectable foods give off, but would I want to smell like them?! Probably not.

FEELING DOWN?! GO CLIMB A ROCK! A new study has found that rock climbing helps to reduce stress and can also help with feelings of depression. Seems bouldering requires you to be in the moment and not focus on anything else but your next move – which helps clear your mind of other things going on in your life. Researchers also found that participants had a high sense of accomplishment after their rock climbing sessions. What an interesting fact there! I'd like to consider myself an active person. I try my best to go all out and get exercise in. I'm not sure I could climb a rock! But I might try it.

WE ALL HAVE OUR SECRETS: A new study has found that everyone keeps an average of 13 secrets.

Psychologists did a ton of research and organized over 13,000 secrets into 38 categories like drug and alcohol use, hidden relationships and crimes.

Out of all these secrets and all these categories, somehow, the scientists figured out that the average for each of us is 13 secrets that we carry around.

The study found that at least five of the secrets people keep are ones they had never told to anybody.

Also, the most common secrets are about money, theft, a hidden relationship and being unhappy at work. 

Very interesting. I cannot say that I totally disagree with this. I have some secrets I myself would never even share on the air. We all need our private things to hold onto!!

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