Guess What Popular Item Is Coming Back!!

That's right - The FANNY PACK is coming back! No, really. Designers from Chanel to Louis Vuitton are making stylish versions of the practical, wear- around-your-waist wallet/purse … and celebs from Kendall Jenner to Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted wearing them. 

I always liked these things when they were in style, they were hip and cool and everyone had them. And everyone USED them to carry around their many belongings that they had. I would totally use one again - In fact, still do sometimes.

But I also found some other cool facts:

COLLEGE: WE'RE YOU HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU STUDIED? According to a new survey, 36% of college grads wish they’d chosen a different major. 28% said they would have chosen a different college. And, 12% said they would have pursued a different level of degree. 

I am not really surprised by this. Many people are upset with what they choose to do, have second thoughts, etc. I had 2nd thoughts all the time about being a radio and TV major at OCC! 

DO YOU REGRET THAT TATTOO? According to a new survey by Advanced Dermatology, 78% of respondents said they regretted at least one tattoo. The biggest reason? Age. Almost 50% of participants said they were the under the age of 20 when they got their regrettable tattoo. 75% said they also didn't plan enough beforehand and made the decision to get the ink within a few hours or days. The most regrettable designs? Tribal designs, followed by hearts and roses.

I can see how people would regret getting a tattoo, especially if they tattoo'd someone's name on themselves. Those things almost NEVER work out hahaha! I would never do anything that remotely 

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