Taking Selfies Actually Make Your Nose Look Bigger!

Well, this is interesting! According to a recent entry in the journal, "JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery," the best distance for taking portraits of your face is 5 feet.  Anything less that that distorts your facial features. This is particularly true for your nose! Unfortunately for humans, they are not born with 5 foot long arms.

As a result, according to lead researcher Dr. Boris Paskhover, a selfie taken less than 12 inches away can result in a "funhouse mirror" effect. "So how bad can this be," you ask? Well, selfies taken at the 12 inch distance mentioned above can distort your nose by 30 percent! I won't get into the math behind the effect, but Dr. Paskhover wants you to know that, despite the fact your nose may look gigantic, that's not how you really look.

While many of you may find this information humorous, many other people get quite concerned over their big looking nose. In fact, a survey by The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association found  that 55 percent of surveyed plastic surgeons saw patients who wanted to look better and viewing selfies! A cheaper alternative may be to have someone else take that selfie picture for you!

To learn information about Dr. Paskhover's study, click here.

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