Someone Didn't Die In Pompeii From The Eruption Of Mount Vesuvius

More then 2,000 people died in 79 AD when the city of Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius spilling lave and ash onto the city below. The images of people and animals buried in the last place they stood has fascinated people and archeologists for many years. So when the latest discovery was made public just recently, it just added to the sense of macabre.

Archeologists revealed that they found the skeleton of an individual who did not die by the lava or ash the enveloped the city. Instead, this individual appeared to escape that fate only to be killed when the upper portion of his body was crushed by a gigantic stone that landed on him. The man, probably in his 30s, suffered from a bone infection that hampered his escape. As such, the poor fellow was still killed despite the fact that he escaped the initial eruptions. 

Of course the Internet could not resist poking fun at the tragedy as humorous tweets on Twitter began to pop up. Even National Public Radio chimed in with the following: “The skeleton’s head has not been located but archeologists believe it is probably crushed beneath the stone block.” Too funny! 

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