Important Heat Safety Tips For The Central New York Heatwave!

Through this Friday, including the 4th of July, Syracuse and Central New York are going to experience a tremendous heat wave. It's likely to smash record highs for the whole week, and while we won't be totally dry everyday, heat index temperatures will soar above 100 degrees most of the days.

We felt it would be great to share some heat safety tips with you, to make sure that you're prepared!

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First, the most important thing that may seem like common sense, is to never leave anyone inside an enclosed vehicle. Children, pets, the elderly, anyone. Temperatures inside a car, an enclosed structure with no air conditioning, whatever - Can get as high as 30 degrees ABOVE what it already is outside. Making for some unsettling conditions that can lead to heat stroke, and even death. Always keep them inside with you in an air conditioned environment.

Don't turn the over on! Find a way to eat smaller meals, and to eat more often throughout the day. And of course, drink plenty of water when you do have to be outdoors. 

You'll want to dress lightly. Wear short sleeves that are light in color. Anything that's dark will just absorb heat from the sun, and make you feel a lot hotter.

If you have to be outside, although it's recommended you stay indoors when you can, definitely take lots of breaks. Drink a bottle of water and then work for 15 minutes, then take another break. Working excessively will dehydrate you, or worse. 

And finally, check in on those you love and care about. Make sure your home, a neighbor's home, etc. has the proper air conditioning to help people and pets stay cool. 

You can get more safety tips by following this checklist here. Take the appropriate steps to keep yourself safe during this excessive streak of heat!

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