Exciting New Things & Changes For The Great New York State Fair

The new Expo Center at the New York State Fairgrounds. Photo credit: Alan Jurison

The Fair has officially begun today, and with that comes all sorts of fun. The food, rides on the midway, exhibits and concerts.

And there's a lot that has changed this year. Obviously we have the new Expo Center, and a fully paved Orange Lot. But I bet there's smaller things you wouldn't have noticed.

Alan Jurison is our New York State Fair expert here at B104.7. Last night, he got an inside look at the Fairgrounds, and put together some notable things you should know about:

1. There's a new place called Pickle Factory. A variety of different pickles. Near International Building and Tully's 

2. You can purchase Crypto Lab Nitro Popcorn. It's Liquid nitrogen infused kettle corn. It smokes while you eat it they say. Near International Building and Tully's 

3. Ye Olde Ox roast Building is gone. The building was torn down, and replaced with other vendors. There are 3 stands now towards wine court. 

4. The Little Caesars Building is gone too. He didn't see it relocated.

5. There are now Deep fried tacos!! Near where Little Caesar's Building used to be. 

6. You can now get Mango and Orange frozen wine slushees at Treleaven's in the wine court

7. Baker's Chicken coop the shelter with the picnic tables on both sides is down. The building is still there, but it's now patio seating with no structure. 

8. The West End is gone, as the new Expo Center was built in this area. But now there is the West End II by the Youth Building, complete with a stage for bands. 

9. The restrooms at the Expo Center are nice. Best restrooms at the fair! So if you really gotta go...

10. There's a New Pierogi place on the midway next to Merritt wine slushies. 

11. Look for the Experience stage all the way in the southwest corner of the Fair by the lagoon. Last year, it was mostly local bands. This year, it returns with national acts, and it seems to be located further away than it was last year. Perhaps in an attempt to handle larger crowds. 

12. Of course there's the Orange lot improvements and the new 690 West ramp as well as the new traffic lights off of exit 7. The stoplight in 690 still remains. It will be interesting to see how that all works out.  

Enjoy your time at the Fair! If you see any cool things you want to share with us, give us a call!

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