A Security Beagle Sniffed Out A What In A Traveler's Suitcase?

If you have ever owned a beagle, you know that they are very good with their noses! They can pick up scents very quickly and are very good at tracking them once the scent has been detected. As a result, it’s not surprising that Hardy, a member of the U.S. Border Protection’s “Beagle Brigade” found a piece of illegal contraband trying to enter the country. 

What’s unique about this story is what Hardy sniffed out: a roasted pig head stuffed in a traveler’s suitcase! The 2 pound pig head was brought back by a person returning from Ecuador.  The roasted meat was destroyed by authorities once Hardy alerted them of its arrival. 

Pork products are banned from entering the United States because they can carried diseases such as Foot and Mouth Disease, Swine Fever, and Swine Vesicular Disease. Since none of these diseases sound particularly inviting, we can thank Hardy the beagle for a job well done!

Tom & Becky

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