St. Bernard Has A Run In With A Porcupine, But It Ends Happily!

Ruckus, an adorable St.Bernard, was surrendered to Lollypop Farms, a Rochester, New York rescue shelter, in order to have quills removed from his face after he had a run-in with a porcupine. Unfortunately, Ruckus has had run-ins before, but this time it was pretty bad. The quills were lodged in his jowls, face, and inside of his mouth. It was pretty nasty.

Porcupines can have up to 30,000 quills at their ready in case they feel threatened by a potential attacker. A simple swipe of their tail will release the quills if they feel threatened. The problem with the quills is that they can be very difficult to remove because the ends of the quills are shaped like little fish hooks. Owners should never try to remove the quills themselves. They should always contact a vet to have the procedure done.

The veterinarians at Lollypop Farms were able to safely remove all of the quills from Ruckus' face and mouth and the pup was back to normal in no time at all! After the treatment, Ruckus was able to be put up for adoption. And the good news: Ruckus was quickly adopted by a person who will make sure that he never comes in contact with a nasty porcupine again! Good for you, Ruckus! Enjoy your new life! 

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